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>> i do not see a path to a deal it did not budge period. >> it takes two to tangogo, and they are not there yet. that is the grand bargain headed for the bargain basement or the trash heap? what happens if there is no deal on raising the debt limit? then a huge financial calamity, which in turn would affect everybody. >> are members of his own party undermining the speaker of the house? >> if that is the stuff going on in my party with deep sadness over comes patriotism, it is disgusting to me. >> how much is real and how much is politics? -- were petty this overcomes politics. that is not fair. is not moral, and it will let be accepted. >> as long as this president is in the oval office, a real
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solution is probably unattainable. >> is anybo in washiton listening to the american people? >> i think it is acutely embarrassing and a great black by -- black eye to the american people. >> it is getting serious now folklks. if the white house and congress did not come to terms before the august 2 deadline, mark -- moody's is talking about downgrading united states aaa bond rating. standard and poor's also talking about a downgrade. this is the united states we're talking about not some third world country. in an interview on cbs the other night, the president warned that the impasse will have an immediate effect on social security, veterans' benefits, and medicaid and said he could not guarantee those checks would go out on august 3 if the issue has not been resolved here the
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president says he will not agree to a short-term solution. >> if we think it is hard now imagine how these guys are going to be thinking six months from now in the middle of the election season. it is not going to get any easier. it is going to get harder. so we might as well do it now. pilaf the band-aid -- pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. [laughter] now's the time to do o it. not now, when? that at one of the president's meetings, he reportedly said the house majority leader, erich cantor "don't call my bluff." the president threatened to veto the solution, reportedly saying it may bring down his presidency but he will let you. all the rhetoric aside will they strike a deal? >> i honestly do not know. the wisdom is that final analysis, that bothides will say for the good of the country
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the united states cannot go into chapter 11, we have to reach a rocompromise, but what you have right now is the base of the republblican party calling the tune for the first time in the history of budget reconciliation ruling out any increase in revenues of any sort. that is a change, and democrats will not stand by and let all of the cuts come from domestic programs including medicare. >> i think in the end, they will probably bail out together. mcconnell has offered a plan that will allow each to give them an escape hatch essentially hand the debt issue completely over to the presidentand have the issue resolved on election day next year by putting the question to the country. if you want to take the positive or the long view, you have two parties with completely different conceptions of government who are not eliminated -- who want to
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eliminate an extreme -- and restrain the other. this is a symptom, and you cannot resolve it, so the people will decide next year. >> my husband said to me a couple of nights ago "well, we've got each other." i'm not sure they're going to get aeal. i think mcconnell has come up with a clever, somewhat cynical but forthright idea that we are probablyly -- that probably could get us out of this, but i'm not sure that boehner can deliver a substantial number of his own folks, and the democrats in the house, who can be equally responsible to the base of the republican party, the base of the democrats can do the same thing. i'm not 100 percent sure it can gethrough the house. >> they got a wake-up call again this week from the business community. economists said, "do your jobs." we cannot go into default on august 2. look at how we got here, though. the hou of representatives had
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an opportunity to raise the debt limit earlier this year, last month, and they voted it down. all the republicans voted down this act that has been taken repeatedly over 90 times in the country's history. now, we have the mcconnell plan, which is as craven as it can be in the sense that it pushes all the responsibility for solving the problem on to the president requires democrats to sustain with the plan entails republicans off the hook so they do not have to do a damn thing with raising the debt limit. >> mcconnell -- "i refuse to help barack obama g get reelected by a margin republicans into a position where we have co ownership of a bad economy. >> i think mitch mcconnell deserves credit for candor. in a murky washington where petty squabblining passes for serious rhetoric, he has been very blunt.
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what he is saying is, to his own party, "look, if we let this happen we think now that barack obama owns the economy politically, the presint going into a reelection campaign. if we allow this and our fingerprints are all over this disaster of the united states going into chaptpter 11, then we will own the ecomy with him. so, forget about it, folks. quite honestly, it was a very candid and grown-up piece of advice. >> i would say it was very cowardly, what he did. let's look at how we got here. republicans were the ones who tied raising the debt ceiling to deep cuts. they were the ones who created the piece of fiction and sold it to their supporterers that somehow the two were tied together in raising the debt ceiling would increase spending even though there were no new authorizations in it. faced with that prospect mcconnell wants to back away from it, but as he stepped up and say we're going to have
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shared sacrifice? no he takes his party off the hook allows his party to build against raising the debt limit shifts responsibility to the president and the democrats to sustain the president's action. i do not s anything courageous there. i see sething very craven. >> in a new poll, 67% feel that any agreement to raise the debt limit should include tax hikes on the wealthy and corporations. the american people are not quite there. >> you can use any one you want, but there is a gallup that says if you want to solve the debt problem with taxes or spending, and those who say mainly or exclusively taxes 10%. mainly or exclusivively spending, 50%. you can produce any number you want. i think people would rather cut spending and raise taxes but the larger issue is how do you deal with the crisis at hand? i think the republicans have one
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option and i am surprised they have not seen it or take it. the presidentas you showed, has said he will not accept a short-term deal, but there is no principled reason why he should not. everybody understands the only reason he wants a longer-term ones, which means until election day, is to get himself off the hook. it is craven, to use your word, partisan self interested reason. >> so republicans ought to pass a short-term deal -- said by hundred billion dollars in cuts, raise the ceiling by $500 billion. it gives you until the end of the year. but the president on the grounds, how would he argued in principle -- he cannot. >> the problem is you go from crisis to crisis. if you are a business person, why would you invest in this atmosphere. people continually alarmed. if you really want to say something cynical, some people
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>> house majority leader cantor has shown that he should not even be at the table. and republicans agree he should not be in -- at the table. >> let me just say that we have been in this fight together, and any suggestion that the role eric has played in this meeting has been anything but helpful has been just wrong. >> some democrats, harry reid for example have been selling the lie that the house majority leader is underlining the speaker of the house and these negotiations, so john boehner felt compelled to go before the cameras to declare that they are in the foxhole together. what is their relationship? >> harry reid as an objective
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observer. [laughter] look this is a joke. if anybody at the childishly in the meeting i would say it is the person who stood up, said enough is enough, walked out of the meeting, will happen to be the man of a libyan detachment and suppose it cool, the president of united states. cantor is representing the part of the republican caucus, which is much more set against raising the debt limit unless it gets commensurate spending cuts. the presesident obviously is not moving on this. he talks a good game. prepared to do entitlements, ready to do entitlements. not once has he ever enunciated in public other than all these leaks, which i do not trust for half a second, one structural change in title woods. and without that, everybody over the age of nine knows we will not get a handle on the debt. so let's hear him say it in public once. >> why is it that when he offers a big dl, the $4 trillion deal
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-- >> the grand bargain. >> the grand bargain republicans backed away from it. he offered that last week. delaware? >> he did it publicly. >> give me a number. >> in a matter of two days, republicans backed away from that and said they do not want it. >> you accept everything he says a $4 trillion deal, you do not have a single item in it that you can enunciate. >> i am not at the table. perhaps you are. >> how does he expect america to accept something he has not explained? >> he said he was going to get from his own people -- >> [unintelligible] >> john boehner believe that there was a $4 trillion deal, and he is not a naive, newcomer to washington. he has been around. but he also knows some history.
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the last time we had a major budget deal that by every definition work was bill clilinton in 1993. without a single republican voting for it in the house and senate. it included twice as much in tax increases and revenues as it did in spending cuts, and what happened after that? 22 million new jobs were created. the longest sustained peacetime prosperity in the history of the united states. more jobs than in eight years of reagan and 12 years of bush were created. >> and newt gingrich is on the stump taking credit for it. >> who is winning the poker g game politically? the commercials, they just released one. grandpa says, "maybe we seem like an easy target for congress until you realize there are 50 million of us." message -- "we vote. keep your hands off social security and medicare." >> that was to be expected. what was not to be expected was
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john boehner saying what is the truth,here are too many people in the room. it is hard to have a serious discussion because as soon as one person raises a point, it gets a jump on and talked to death. they i just had a couple more seconds? let me try. boehner and the president really had come to an understanding. they were going to go for the big deal. it was boehner unfortunately who could not get past his own caucus, could notot get past his own majority leader, who was playing to the yahoos in the base. ther are people in the house of representatives who do not believe anything will happen if the debt ceiling is not increased. that is. yahoo mentality, and they do not want to deal with it. >> my colleague is trying to make the point about how you
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have a compliant, supine press excepting everything out of the white house. tell me -- we have been told again and again that the president is prepared to make cuts in entitlements. name me one. >> a completely compliant and pine press. i love that. let's move on. >> i have other additives but we are short on time.
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this as well. murdoch, by the way, is a u.s. citizen. tell us about this. >> this is really serious because the foreign corrupt practices act makes it illegal to take bribes -- to pay bribes anywhere. if you are a u.s.-based corporation, and news corp. is. our laws are in it. even if it did not happen here, and it might have happened here. we might have just en oblivious to the fact it was happening here. i do not know. >> it is huge in britain. >> it could bring down the cameron government at some point. separately, it will undermine all the hard things he is trying to do, will undermine that seriously. >> i heard him in parliament, and part of his defense was that this was going on 10 years before he showed up >> peter king, chairman of the -- republican chairman of the house homeland security committee has asked the fbi to investigate because there is concerned there might have been
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the same kind of practice against 9/11 victims many of whom work peter king's constituents. if that were to happen in united states, as leader michelle -- michele bachmann wowould say, it takes a lot of chutzpah. >> i think jay rockefeller is a serious person, and peter king is a serious person. the fact that peter king, who is really sort of the self affirmed and designated advoce for all the 9/11 family's and survivors the fact that he has gone as a republican and a leadi republan on this takes out the partisanship that had gone after fox news and rupert murdoch. a strange quirk in this is that the bancroft family, which sold the "wall street journal" to rupert murdoch's corp. left in
9:21 am
there a provision that if anything is done inappropriately, they can revisit that sale. so this has complications right down the line. >> but we all have the knowledge that the "wall street journal" has been reporting the story. >> there is not the slightest evidence of any misconduct on the part of the "wall street journal." and the 9/11 allocation is based on a single source unnamed in fact unsourced report from a tabloid in england. i think it ought to be looked at but it is not as if there is evidence other than one claim in one paper. >> but this has bigger problems for the murdoch empire. he has a licensing applications for broadcast stations all over the country and if the rporation ifound guilty of a violation of the foreign corrupt
9:22 am
practices act, it does not have toe here. >> he has pulled out of the deal for brish sky. >> he was not going to get it. and do not think he will not come back. i think he will. >> the "news of the world" was founded in 1843. murdoch was not involved. there were talks about it in print in 1948 murdoch had not arrived on the scene. in the 1990's, all of us were titillated by the transcripts of the talk between prince charles and camilla including a reference to -- an amusing one to a feminine hygiene product. at the time, nobody was concerned. it was not obtained by a court order that a judge signed, i can assure you. it was the usual british tabloid method of enticement, bribery treachery, payoffs which has been going on for a century and a half.
9:23 am
suddenly everyone is scanandalized. not because of the means but the target. it involved a girl being kidnapped, and the families of dead soldiers. obviously, a complete outrage. but already a very old practice of the tabloid that everyone had known about for 100 years. >> hacking the bones? >> yes. how your trap a prostitute? you wire a placece and record the conversations. routine for british tabloids. > one of the most scholarly treatises on open " everybody does it" that i have ever heard. the reality is they have bought off police. they have threatened police. and absolutely used every illicit illegal means, and they have to b
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>> i've never taken steroids or hgh. >> roger clemens was indicted almost a year ago for that testimony. this week ended in a mistrial. is that it for roger clemens? 354 lifetime wins and a lk? >> i suspect if the judge does not rule against him permanently, that they will try to try him but you watch this trial -- i have to confess, the enormous resources put to it, and it gives you pause, let's put it that way. the prosecutor -- that the prosecutors could have let this happen and that the defense did not actuallyotice. it was the judge who actually noticed that there was inadmissible evidence that was frozen in front of the jury on the screen. >> my question is -- how it major league baseball let this happen? >> that is the real story. there was an absolute time during which baseball had a strike a shortened season.
9:27 am
the crowds had not come back, and what brought people back in the seats were suddenly these home runs. they looked the other way.y. barry bonds and rafael palmeiro and sammy sosa and mark mcgwire -- all of home stand a chance of having used these drugs. thank goodness for tom davis, republican from virginia, and henry waxman, republican from california -- democrat from california, or they never would have been held accountable. >> mark mcgwire had b biceps' bigger than my thighs. with that give you pause just looking at the? >> i have no idea what your thighs look like. >> one of the things you do not do is you do not go before congress under oath and live. when you do that, you have to be held accountable. i do not care whether he was using steroids or doing something else he ought not to have been doing. ththat was where he crossed the line. >> isn't that what the lewinsky
9:28 am
scandal was all about? baseball is only a game, and i would correct all of this in all the record books put asterisks in all the records and keep them out of the hall fame. >> last word. thank you. see
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